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best cycling tips for beginners

best cycling tips for beginners

  • Make an investment in a decent hemlet! (Don't ride without a hemlet in the UK) ; it's very dangerous on both local and highway roads!

  • If you're new to riding, look for a local riding group to join; you won't be alone! In the event of a crisis or an emergency, the group can assist you!
  • Carry a bottle, one is sufficient for beginners, and remember to hydrate your body! If you do not hydrate your body, you will have cramps as a result of a lack of water!

  • Invest into a headlight , rear light while riding in early morning, it will help drivers to spot you! And risk of accident will be reduced!

  • Invest in good cycling shorts , foam padded wont help, you will get saddle sore! Buy gel padded shorts it will give you comfort while riding and also you won't get saddle sore!

  • Don't use earphones while riding!


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