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We at velotool want to do our bit for the planet. It is our mission to save every single inner tube in the UK from going into landfill.

We collect old inner tubes from local Cycle repair stores and send them to cycle of good uk, they are then sent to Malawi in Africa to be made into special products such as Wallets, Belts and Bags. All sales revenue go back to the Malawian people who make them providing them with income to live their lives.

You can also do your bit by buying one of their Elephant Bikes which are old Post Office bikes refurbished and sold as delivery bikes to uk businesses. If you buy an Elephant Bike a new bike gets donated to a Malawian. So you are doing your bit to change the lives of someone in need giving them moblity to get around.

I have bought one to take my daily deliveries to be shipped.

If you want to help or take part in this initiative please click on the link for more information.




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